My Dear People When we receive an invitation, we can sometimes decide quite easily whether or not to accept it.
My Dear People Our Lord said: “I came to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were
The meeting tool place on Sunday 28 April 2018. Dennis Owen and Edward Holden were returned as Churchwarden and Deputy
My Dear People Without its feminine dimension, the Church risks to become an old boy’s club and incapable of love,
My Dear People It is a sad thing that in ‘First World’ countries more people go to church over Christmas
My Dear People I apologise for having to delay the APCM. Apart from being ill, we had probably set too
My Dear People It may seem boring, but who is elected to our church councils and what they do is
All Saints, Godshill, will be offering a Requiem Mass for victims of Genocide, with a display of HMD materials starting
My Dear People I grew up when bumper stickers were popular. One of my favourites was: Mary and Joseph knew