Do you like to hear the bells at All Saints Godshill ringing? Why not join us and help to promote this traditional art

bell ringing

All Saints, Godshill, has 6 beautiful bells which occasionally ring out over the village and fields. Sadly, as with so many other activities, church bell ringing has suffered during the pandemic and now that the situation is improving, we at Godshill and the other Island bell towers are encouraging more people to come and join us and learn to ring the bells.

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Bellringing is a musical activity and a hobby in which almost anyone can participate. You can literally be never too young or never too old to learn. You need to be able to follow instructions and be able to reach the ropes, usually the starting age is around 12 years old but some have been known to start much younger and some very, very much older! The bells at All Saints are very easy to ring and physical strength is not necessary, although it is good exercise for the upper body muscles. It is an ideal family activity and in some towers you will find mum or dad ringing alongside their children. Bell ringing is a very social activity and you will be certain to make new friends.

Learning the basics of bellringing and to become able to handle a bell will normally take about 3 to 4 hours of instruction. This can be fitted into the weekly Friday practice evenings, or if you can spare the time, then more intensive sessions can be provided and you could learn the basics in a couple of afternoons. Once you have mastered pulling and catching the rope and can control your bell you will be ready to join in with the rest of the band. Bellringers are friendly people and at Godshill you will be very welcome to join the band, under normal circumstances we practice on a Friday evening between 7.30 and 9.00 pm, the Sunday service ringing is from 10.30 until 11.00 am. There are 13 other church towers with bells on the island and we all help each other and co-operate together, we also organise social activities. When you have gained confidence and can ring unaided then the door is open to ring at other towers around the island, this is a very good way to develop your ringing ability.

Ring Mike Marlow 07811 712211 to find out more

You can expect to be asked to help out with ringing before church services on Sundays, but you do not have to be a member of the church congregation. Currently, there are only services on the second and fourth Sunday mornings each month.

When you are good enough you may even be asked to ring at a wedding for which you will be paid a nominal fee.

You do not have to be musical and as long as you can count up to six (there are six bells!), then that’s about all the maths you will need. Bellringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain and helps keep you fit.

Ring Mike Marlow 07811 712211 to find out more

Take a look at these short YouTube videos to learn a little more about what is involved in bellringing.

Here’s our ringing chamber and a band of visitors ringing a few years ago. (1:14 minutes)

This video explains how bells work. (1:47 mins)

This video shows six bells being rung up to a point when they are then ready to be rung together. You then see and hear all six ringing together. (6:12 minutes)

Ring Mike Marlow 07811 712211 to find out more

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