All Saints Bells

The ring of 6 bells is a first floor ring accessed by a stairway to the north-west of the church.

All 6 bells were cast by Llewellin and James, Bristol, in 1887 and are the only ring of bells by this founder on the Island.

The 1887 recast was from the old peal which had been recast in 1815 with the village gun of 1543 being cast into the tenor bell. The 1815 recast was by Mears & Stainbank of London.

The cannons on the top of each bell were removed by John Taylor of Loughborough in 1934 (previously the tenor weight was 9-1-2) as part of the work of tuning and rehanging on ball bearings in a new metal frame.

Inscription: In memory of The Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1887
Thomas Ratcliffe Vicar
Albert Morse & William Renolds Churchwardens
Ring, ring, ye bells & sweetly tell 
that Christ has conquered death and hell
weight: 3-3-13
Note: F

With loving voice I call to Church and prayer
 and bid the living for the grave prepare
3-3-27 D#

The public raised us with a liberal hand 
we come with harmony to cheer the land
4-2-16 C#

When female virtue weds with manly worth
we catch the rapture and we speed it forth
5-2-26 C

Here let us pause and now with one accord
salute the Church Triumphant in the Lord
6-1-0 A#

May all whom I shall summon to the grave 
the blessing of a well-spent life receive
8-3-7 G#

Tower Captain:
Michael Marlow
3 Budbridge Cottages, East Lane, Merstone, PO30 3DH