Easter Sunday

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter! It is such a joy that we can be back in church again for the great annual celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord; and we owe a debt gratitude to the priests who will be presiding and preaching in our churches. We also give thanks and pray for our churchwardens, Dennis and Alan, and other church officers, as they continue to keep our churches running smoothly.

There will be mass next Sunday April 11th at both St Alban’s and All Saints, at 9.30 and 11.00 respectively, with Fr Gregory Clifton-Smith presiding and preaching.

At the Chrism mass on Maundy Thursday last week, when this year clergy and accredited lay ministers had the opportunity to renew their commitment to ministry, this year via live-stream, the Bishop said this to his Deacons,

“At your ordination as a deacon
you received the yoke of Christ,
who came not to be served but to serve. Will you continue faithfully in this ministry, to build up God’s people in his truth
and serve them in his name?”

Our response was, “With the help of God, I will”.

As I have renewed our commitment to ministry and dedicated myself afresh to living out my calling as I serve the churches of our constituency, I ask your prayers to help me to do this, as I will pray for you; especially as we continue in our vacancy and start to work more collaboratively with other churches.

However, the call to ministry is not just about clergy! It is a calling for the whole people of God and starts at our baptism, as each and every one of us is called into ministry and discipleship, and to participate in the missional life of God according to our gifts and circumstances, whether we have a particular designated “role” in the church or not.

By virtue of our baptism, God places his mark on us to be co-workers with Him in building of the Kingdom of God in our daily lives, in our relationships one with another, in the values we hold and the choices we make about how we live.

It is therefore a duty and a privilege for each one of us prayerfully to consider the vocation of our churches and how we can respond to the challenge to grow in impact, depth and number, so that the Good News of the Gospel of Christ can be made a reality in the communities in which we are set.

With my love and prayers,

Deacon Corinne

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The image is a print from the Phillip Medhurst Collection of Bible illustrations in the possession of Revd. Philip De Vere at St. George’s Court, Kidderminster, dated January 1 1970 Creative Commons CC0 License

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