Arrangements for the lockdown period

Dear Friends,

With another lockdown beginning on Thursday, from which day no corporate acts worship will be permitted, these two special masses have been a lovely boost to sustain us through the challenges we will be facing over the next weeks and months.

Unlike the last lockdown, though, churches are encouraged to remain open for private prayer, where possible. In a letter to clergy on Nov 1st the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the Bishop of London, say that “the best way we can serve our nation now is by pouring our energy into doing the things that we can do, which is to pray and serve.”

Obviously, the suspension of public worship will mean that our plans to commemorate Remembrance Sunday have had to be cancelled. However, All Saints will be open for private prayer on Sunday 8th and every Sunday from then on, from 10.00am until 5.00pm. The church will also be open from 10.00 – 5.00 pm on Wednesdays. I will leave various prayer resources, including a list of the fallen from our parish, at the back of church to aid you in your individual reflection.

Of course, it is very important that we maintain Covid security, including social distancing, at all times; so please do be very careful to observe the protocols which, sadly, have become all too familiar to us.

Alan Philpott is hoping that it may be possible to open St Alban’s from time to time, but the logistics for this are complicated – watch this space!

Thank you to all who contributed to the retiring collection for the Ventnor Food bank. I am delighted to say we raised £65. This will, I’m sure, be much appreciated by the Food Bank, which has become an essential lifeline for many. Please consider buying an extra item when you go shopping to donate to the food bank. Most local supermarkets have a collection point in-store.

The next period of lockdown will be especially challenging for those who live alone, or who have additional health problems. I will try to keep in touch with those who are anxious or lonely, but it would be really good of we can all continue to look after one another in whatever ways we can.

Please be assured of my love and prayers. Do feel free to phone me if you’re struggling, or would just like a chat! My number is 07775628593

Deacon Corinne

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