28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

It will be good to gather for worship again this Sunday, with Fr Gregory Clifton-Smith presiding and preaching in both churches.

Those of you who were at church the last time we met on September 27th will have heard that Fr David Lawrence-March, who for the past three years has been Priest in Charge at Good Shepherd, Lake, and St Saviour’s, Shanklin, will be leaving the island some time in December, to take up a post in Derby Diocese.

You may remember that, before Fr John retired, it had been the expectation that the four Society churches on the island would be brought under the leadership of one priest. Now that all four churches will be in vacancy by the end of the year, and as all churches come under the alternative episcopal oversight of the Bishop of Richborough, I’m hoping he will get in touch with us before long to discuss the future of our churches with regard to recruitment. I will, of course, continue to serve across the four churches.

We are fortunate, though, to have the ministry of Frs Gregory Clifton-Smith and Alan Swanborough, to keep us ticking over twice a month; and we will have the special treat of +John Hind (former bishop of Chichester), who will be with us at All Saints’ for our Patronal Festival on November 1st at 11.00, and All Souls’ at St Alban’s on November 2nd at 10.00.

The PCC will be meeting at St Alban’s at 9.30 on Monday 12th October; and the APCM will be at All Saints’ on Sunday October 25th, immediately after the 11.00 Parish mass. In accordance with the Archdeacon’s instructions, the APCM will be chaired by one of the Churchwardens.

Remembrance Day, is on November 8th. At St Alban’s things will be as usual, with an Act of Remembrance at 9.30, followed by mass; but at All Saints’, things will be different, as you would expect given the current restrictions. This is what the latest Bulletin from the Diocese says:
Q. Are there any particular considerations for Remembrance services? If the service is in the Church or Churchyard, then you can go to the assessed safe capacity of the building/churchyard.
If the service is to be elsewhere (eg. a High Street or village green war memorial), then the Rule of Six and the full need for social distancing etc. will apply.
As our Act of Remembrance traditionally takes place at the War memorial before we then go up to church for the continuation of our Act of Worship, we are not yet sure what will be possible this year. I will let you know as soon as I have had further guidance about this.

My love and prayers,


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