19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

As many of us will be back in Church on Sunday, both at St Alban’s an All Saints’, this Sunday’s homily will be put on the website once Fr Gregory has preached it!

For those who can’t be with us on Sunday, I will put the readings on the website before then, together with Fr David’s commentary on them, so you have something to be going on with until the homily is on there too.

As you will have seen on the news and in the press, the wearing of face-coverings in church will be mandatory from August 8th; but this does not apply to those who have a medical exemption. Obviously, you will need to remove your mask in order to receive Holy Communion, so please do this using the ear loops and avoid touching the front of the mask.

Given that clergy will be a minimum of 3 metres away from the nearest person for most of the service, our Guidance from the Church of England is those leading worship will only wear masks when we are in closer proximity to members of the congregation. Those of you who were at All Saints’ on July 26th will have noticed I put on my mask for the distribution but didn’t wear it at other times.

I hope you’re all finding ways of coping with this strange way of living and, for those who have been shielding, that you are maybe starting to go out again.

Please let me know of any prayer requests, either for yourself or for anyone who is in need of prayer, but please ask their permission before passing their name onto me.

Love and prayers,

Deacon Corinne

Scripture Readings


(Download the Scripture Readings)

A Reflection


(Download the Reflection)

Text of Father Gregory’s Sermon


(Download the Sermon)

The image above is Rettung des sinkenden Petrus by an unknown monk dated in the 10th century Creative Commons CC0 License

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