16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

A group of willing volunteers, including Jean Peters who is featured in the photo, spent two hours in church this week getting the building ready for welcoming you back into church on Sunday 26th July at 11.00.

Alan Swanborough will be presiding on that day and I will be preaching. We are fortunate that, just before he left, Fr John bought a hymn-playing machine. This means we can listen to hymns during the service, as we are not allowed to sing in church due to current restrictions.

There will be other changes, which I will outline here, but I will go through them again when we meet in church on July 26th.

For example, hand- sanitiser will be available at the door, which you are required to use before you enter and leave the building.

Brian Haynes, our safeguarding officer, has put tape on the floor to indicate a one-way system for entering and exiting the church; and he has put tape at 2m intervals to indicate where people are to stand whilst waiting to receive Holy Communion. Please follow this signage.

When it comes to receiving Holy Communion, this will be in one kind (bread only). Prior to the distribution the priest will raise the host and say “The body of Christ”, to which the congregation will reply “Amen”; and then no further words will be said during the distribution.

Dennis, our Churchwarden, will have hand-sanitiser available if you wish to use it, prior to reception of the sacrament.

When you receive the sacrament, you are asked to hold your hands right out in front of you, so that the communion wafer can be dropped into your hand with no additional physical contact from the minister.

Please follow the arrows on the floor in order to get back to your seat.

If you wish to light a candle, there are sanitising wipes available for cleaning the candle lighter. Please clean the lighter handle before lighting your candle and then place the used wipe in the box provided.

It does all sound like a huge palaver, but it is easier to do than to describe!

It is also all worth it, as it enables us to come together again, safely, to meet our Lord in the sacrament, and once again be the Body of Christ.

With my love and prayers,

Deacon Corinne

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