Fifth Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends,

I hope you are keeping well and finding ways to cope with the current restrictions on life.

Now we are nearly two months into lockdown, we are all having to find ways of filling our days, coping with anxiety and fulfilling our practical needs.

For some, who were essentially already living life under “lockdown” through illness or frailty, maybe life hasn’t changed very much at all. For others, used to being out and about, it can be more challenging.

It is not putting it too strongly to describe what we are going through as a “trauma”. All the familiar routines and assumptions about how we live our lives have been shattered; and we’ve found ourselves in an unfamiliar landscape, where shops are closed, public worship has been suspended, and we can no longer see our friends and loved-ones face to face.

A study being done at Oxford has identified three phases which humans go through at times of trauma; and you may recognise them in yourself.

the first phase is marked by energy and heroism, as people start baking sour-dough bread, sorting out cupboards, or getting involved in volunteering.

As this phase burns itself out, it is replaced by disillusionment, as people start to be suspicious about how accurate the information is that they are receiving, or to blame eg the government for their handling of the crisis.

This then, eventually, gives way to hopeful rebuilding, as the number of cases reduce and we begin to talk about coming out of lockdown.

It is normal to feel any or all of these things! Some days you may feel “Yes, I can do this”, but on others you can hardly drag yourself out of bed.

The important thing is to be kind to yourself. Rest, eat well, take exercise insofar as you can, and keep in touch with people you trust and can share with.

Above all, keep in touch with God. Our theme for this Sunday is “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life”. If we keep close to him, he will see us through this; and my reflection on today’s gospel has more to say about that.

My love and prayers,
Deacon Corinne

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