Fourth Sunday of Easter

lily cross

Dear Friends,

As we move into the month of May, this is traditionally the month when Christians from across the world give thanks to God for our Holy Mother, Mary.

At All Saints’, we have a particular place in our hearts for Mary. We are very blessed to have the Lily Crucifix wall painting in the Blessed Sacrament chapel, depicting Christ crucified on a lily; and you can read more about our lily crucifix by clicking this link.

The symbolism of the lily crucifix is based on the belief that the Annunciation of Christ occurred on the same day of the year, 25th March, as the crucifixion, thereby linking the birth and death of Christ inextricably with his mother Mary and her part in God’s purposes.

At All Saints’ we also have an altar dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham, where, every month until the recent (temporary) closure of our building, our cell of Our Lady of Walsingham would meet to say the rosary and to pray through the various prayer requests which had been left on the altar by visitors to the church.

Although we cannot come together to pray as we used to, if you have any prayer requests please let me know. Every day I join the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham for live-streamed Shrine prayers to pray for those from our churches with whom I have spoken that day, or include particular intentions which people have told me about.

We are also fortunate that the Chaplain General of the Society of Mary has supplied resources for us. These can be downloaded and printed from this website as a booklet for you to use at home. In this way, we can have Mary at our side during the month of May.

As it says in the introduction to the booklet, “Our Lady knew very well so much of what we are now experiencing and still trusted God would bring good out of evil. She supports us with her prayers; she renews our faith in God’s love and care; she shares our anxiety and our sorrows”.

We may also choose to pray the rosary more this month, or even to start saying it for the first time. Again, on this website, you will find instructions for how to do this.

The theme of this Sunday’s worship is Jesus the Good Shepherd. The gospel reading, John 10:1-10 is available on the website, together with the reflection on the Gospel, which this week has been written by Jenny Hopkins-Holder, Reader at St Alban’s, Ventnor.

With my love and prayers, Dcn Corinne

Scripture Readings


(Download the Scripture Readings)

A Homily by Jenny Hopkins-Holder


(Download the Homily)

As May is the month when the Church pays particular devotion to Our Lady, you may find the following leaflet and booklet supplied by the Society of Mary containing prayers useful at home. Click/Tap each to access.

Praying at Home with THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY

How To Pray The Rosary


Third Sunday of Easter

Supper at Emmaus

Alleluia, Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Dear friends, what a very strange Easter it has been. I hope those of you who have access to the internet have managed to access the materials which have been posted on the St Alban’s or other websites, or have used the written material which I have provided.

Some of you may have preferred to return to using prayer books which have perhaps sat on a shelf for many years – I know I have found great solace and comfort in doing this, as I have searched for the reassurance to be found through something familiar during these very discomforting times.

We will all be reacting to the current lockdown in different ways. For some, the spring flowers and birdsong have brought joy in a renewed sense of gratitude for the beauty of God’s creation, and an appreciation of living in such a beautiful part of the country.

For others, especially for those who live alone, it has brought an increased sense of isolation and loneliness. In spite of organisations such as Age UK, or local volunteers bringing groceries to those who have to stay at home, it’s not the same as having a potter round the shops yourself.

Although we can’t meet for worship at the moment, please know that I continue to hold you all in my prayers and am here for you if you would like to have a chat (07775628593)

I am trying to ring a few people every day, just to say “hello”, starting with those who live alone, or who I know have extra challenges to deal with at the moment.

Each week there will be on the website a copy of the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday and a short reflection, written by various people. I will also write a short piece introducing the themes for each Sunday.

This Sunday’s theme is how Jesus explains the scriptures and is recognised in the breaking of the bread; and Fr Gregory Clifton-Smith will be providing the reflection on the Gospel the week.

May the joy of Easter be with you to sustain and guide you at this challenging time.

Dcn Corinne

Gospel Reading – Luke 24:13-35
They recognised him at the breaking of bread


(Download the Gospel Reading)

A Reflection by Fr Gregory Clifton-Smith


(Download the Reflection)

[Painting is the Supper at Emmaus, by workshop of Lambert Jacobsz circa 1630 (Kadriorg Art Museum)]

St George’s Day

st george

Today, the 23rd of April is St George’s Day, the patron saint of England. Nobody knows how he came to be patron saint of England and we know very little about him except that he probably lived in the 4th century, was martyred and by the 6th century had become a very popular saint. The legend of his dragon doesn’t even appear until the 12th century, but it is that which I would like to think about today because I think it has some relevance for us…

“Jerusalem” from St George’s Chapel, Windsor (2016)

It is customary for the hymn “Jerusalem” to be sung in cathedrals, churches and chapels on St. George’s Day, or on the Sunday closest to it.

Gwen Ayton

Gwen Ayton, a long time resident of Godshill and much-loved member of All Saints church, passed away peacefully on 10th April, aged 97. Much loved mother, grandma and wife of the late George Ayton.

The funeral will be a short service at the crematorium on Tuesday May 5th at 3:45pm. Current restrictions dictate that only a minimum number of mourners can attend. The family would welcome others to participate remotely in prayer at that time.

At a future date, hopefully in the autumn, her ashes are to be interred at All Saints at a memorial service to celebrate her life. Any inquiries to her family via

26 APRIL: There is an extensive obituary in the County Press which also tells of the wide range of activities to which Gwen contributed to the Godshill community over many decades. CLICK/TAP to go to the County Press obituary.

The Parish of All Saints, Godshill

August 2020


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