Magazine – April 2019

My Dear People

It is a sad thing that in ‘First World’ countries more people go to church over Christmas than at Easter.

The Three Day Festival that starts on the evening of Maundy Thursday and ends on Easter Morning is by far the most important of the year, as it commemorates the most important event in all time. It ranks way above the other two Feasts in it’s class: Epiphany and Pentecost. [Christmas, by comparison to these three, pales into insignificance.]

Christmas is popular because people can celebrate it – especially at the popular services like crib and carol services – and remain comfortably pagan. In the way it is generally presented, it does not challenge.

In contrast Epiphany presents us with the rich, wise and powerful worshipping a peasant child, and giving Him their greatest treasures. They challenge us to do the same.

Pentecost shows the disciples accepting the Gift of the Spirit, willing to be utterly changed by it, and risking everything to proclaim the Gospel. Again we are challenged to do likewise.

Going far beyond even that, our Lord’s gift of His Body and Blood, His willing acceptance of the Cross, and His Resurrection on Easter morn present us with Absolute Love: and we are asked to respond.

There can be no greater challenge; there can be no greater Joy if we do.

Yours in Christ,

Fr John

P.S. The APCM will take place on Low Sunday following a joint service in the Parish Church at 10:00 a.m.



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