Magazine – February 2019

My Dear People

It may seem boring, but who is elected to our church councils and what they do is important to you.

Even more, it is important to God. We don’t just discuss buildings and finance. These may be important, but they are of secondary importance.

More importantly these councils decide what sort of services we have, and when we have them.

Of prime importance, these councils discuss and decide on how we reach out with the love of God to our community.

So who is on these councils is too important a matter to leave up to other people. You are important. In nominating people. Perhaps agreeing to stand. (Whoever you are, you will have something important to offer.) And voting.

If you want the best decisions made for the good of your local church and community – and for the good of the whole church, you need to be part of it.

I hope to see you on the 3rd March at noon.

Yours in Christ,

Fr John