Church Officers

Parish Priest (‘The Vicar’)
Fr. John Ryder SSC,
The Vicarage, Church Hill, Godshill. PO38 3HY.
tel: 01983 300421
Dn Corinne Smith – 07775 628 593


Dr Jennifer Hopkins-Holder – 01983 852575


Dennis Owen (All Saints) – 01983 840591
Alan Philpott (St Alban’s) – 01983 852555

Deputy wardens

Edward Holden (All Saints) – 01983 842109
Peter Pye (St Alban’s) – 01983 853784

Sunday School

Brenda Ryder – 01983 300421


Sandra Cromie – 01983 638913
Andrew Pellow – 01983 612796

Tower Captain

Michael Marlow – 01983 840609

Safeguarding Officer

Bryan Haynes – 01983 840903

NEWCOMERS – please don’t worry if you’re not sure ‘what to do’. Please feel free to bring your children (Ours don’t behave perfectly either!)

BAPTISMS (Christenings) – contact Fr. John, either by speaking to him after a service, or by ‘phoning him.

SUNDAY-SCHOOL – phone Brenda Ryder on 300421

BELL RINGING – If you wish to learn, contact the Tower Captain, Mike Marlow (840609)

WEDDINGS – Contact Fr. John in the first instance.

IF YOU ARE SICK – or someone whom you love is ill and would like to be visited by one of the clergy; or if you just wish them to be prayed for at the Sunday Service, contact any of the Church Officers.

IF YOU ARE BEREAVED – and would like a visit, or would like Fr. John (or Corinne or Jenny) to take your loved-one’s funeral, phone (or ask the Funeral Director to phone) Fr. John. If there is going to be a cremation, the service can either take place at the Crematorium, or, if you so wish, in church followed by a committal either at the church door or at the Crematorium.