The Parish of Godshill, Isle of Wight

Come worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness

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A Book by John Vincent Jenkins

A history of GODSHILL

Church, Village and Parish

(Frontspiece: “Godshill” by George E. Alexander, R.A.)

 Edited Selections from the Writings of 


(formerly of Church Hill, Godshill)


Overall Editor: The Revd Fr Michael Stone

Local Editors: The Revd Fr John Ryder, SSC, Ralph Abbott Esq. 

Proof-reader: Dr Paul Tolley


Published by All Saints Church Godshill

on the Isle of Wight in the Year of our Lord 2013



Available from The Vicar for £7:50, proceeds for Church Funds.

(For overseas orders extra postage will need to be charged)